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Stroll On
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Stroll On
Steve Ashley

Steve Ashley, vocals, guitar, harmonica, whistle;
Richard Byers, electric guitar, mandolin, backing vocals;
B.J. Cole, pedal steel guitar;
Brian Diprose, Thom Friedlein, bass guitar;
Dave Pegg, bass, mandolin;
Daryl Runswick, Danny Thompson, bass;
Barry Dransfield, fiddle;
Lea Nicholson, concertina;
Redd McReady, harpsichord;
Dave Mattacks, drums;
Chris Karan, tablas;
Claire Dawson, backing vocals;
Robert Kirby, string arrangement;

Albion Country Band Mk.1 1972
(Ashley Hutchings, Royston Wood,
Steve Ashley, Simon Nicol,
Sue Draheim & Dave Mattacks) on

Tinder Box (Steve Ashley, Dave Menday, Tristam Fry)

Steve Ashley, Jerry Donahue, Lea Nicholson,
Dave Mattacks, Dave Pegg and Dave Swarbrick
on Old Rock 'n' Roll.

The Albion Country Band Mk. 1 [click for larger]
Steve Ashley, Simon Nicol, Royston Wood, Sue Draheim, Dave Mattacks, Ashley Hutchings

Stroll On Revisited

This 1999 re-issue has three bonus tracks
(no. 7, 11 and 12). Spirit of Christmas and
Love in a Funny Way are out-takes from the Stroll On recording sessions; the former was already made available on the Electric Muse anthology in 1975. Old Rock 'n' Roll was previously published as Steve Ashley's only single
with the B-side Fire and Wine.

  1. Fire and Wine (4:33)
  2. Finite Time (3:48)
  3. Silly Summer Games (4:49)
  4. Springsong (3:25)
  5. Monkey Puzzle Tree (2:55)
  6. Farwell Green Leaves (4:24)
  7. Spirit of Christmas (2:42)
  8. Morris Minor (1:31)
  9. Candlemas Carol (2:50)
  10. John Donne Song (5:20)
  11. Old Rock 'n' Roll (2:55)
  12. Love in a Funny Way (3:14)
  13. Lord Bateman (8:41)
  14. Follow On (3:24)

Stroll On LP 1974 [click for larger image]
Gull Records GULP 1003 (LP, UK, 1974)

side 1

Finite Time (3:48)
Silly Summer Games (4:49)
Springsong (3:25)
Monkey Puzzle Tree (2:55)
Farwell Green Leaves (4:24)

side 2

Morris Minor (1:31)
Candlemas Carol (2:50)
John Donne Song (5:20)
Follow On (3:24)
All tracks Steve Ashley
except Track 2
words Steve Ashley,
music Dave Menday
Track 9, 10 Trad.
arr. Steve Ashley

Stroll On Revisited 1999 [click for larger image]
Market Square MSMCD104 (CD, UK, 1999)

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