the albion country band

the albion country band
the battle of the field
Albion Sunrise
Morris Medley
I Was A Young Man
New St. George/La Rotta
Gallant Poacher
Cheshire Rounds/The Old Lancashire Hornpipe
Hanged I Shall Be
Reaphook and Sickle
Battle Of The Somme
A Little Music or The Delights of Harmony
Stroll On
Notes and Things
The Back Cover

Albion Country Band 2  [click for larger image]
Steve Ashley, Simon Nicol, Royston Wood, Sue Draheim, Dave Mattacks, Ashley Hutchings

The band was formed in April 1972 by Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span founding member Ashley Hutchings initially to accompany singer Shirley Collins on her 'No Roses' album. Dave Mattacks from Fairport Convention was recruited, and later that year Richard Thompson and Linda Thompson also joined for a short tour.

Ashley was keen to make a permanent band from these musicians and the first attempt included Royston Wood, Steve Ashley and Sue Draheim in the line-up. This was not to be as successful as had been hoped and a second Albion Country Band was formed. This group included Martin Carthy, John Kirkpatrick, Sue Harris, Roger Swallow and Simon Nicol. The band split in August 1973 and retrospectively released their sole album, Battle of the Field, on Island Records.

The Combined Forces of the band

Steve Ashley : guitar
Sue Draheim : fiddle
Ashley Hutchings : bass
Simon Nicol : guitar, vocals
Royston Wood : vocals
Shirley Collins : vocals, banjo
Roger Swallow : drums
Linda Thompson : vocals
Richard Thompson guitar, vocals
Martin Carthy : guitar, vocals
Sue Harris :
vocals, oboe, dulcimer
John Kirkpatrick : accordion, vocals, piano
Martin Nicholls, John Iveson, Colin Sheen, Paul Beer : sackbuts on "Gallant Poacher"
Dave Mattacks : percussion on "Reaphook and Sickle".

The Albion Country Band 3 [click for larger image]
Roger Swallow, Simon Nicol, Sue Harris, Martin Carthy, Ashley Hutchings, John Kirkpatrick

Battle of the Field line up minus Ashley Hutchings
The Albion Country Band

 the never-to-be-duplicated
Albion Country Band line-up of
Simon Nicol, Martin Carthy, Roger Swallow,
Sue Harris and John Kirkpatrick.
Ashley Hutchings cut off at the pass

The Guv'nor Vol 1 1994

(Medley) (1972)
Four Hand Reel
St. Anne's Reel
The Albion Country Band
Sue Draheim - fiddle
Steve Ashley - harmonica
Simon Nicol - guitar
Ashley Hutchings - bass guitar
Dave Mattacks - drums

Morris Dance Tunes (1972)
Morris On
Jockey To The Fair
Room For The Cuckoo
Princess Royal
Morris Off
Albion Country Band
Sue Draheim - fiddle
Steve Ashley - whistle, harmonica
Simon Nicol - electric guitar
Ashley Hutchings - bass guitar
Dave Mattacks - drums

Rambling Sailor (1972)
Albion Country Band
Royston Wood - vocal
Steve Ashley - vocal
Sue Draheim - fiddle
Simon Nicol - electric guitar
Ashley Hutchings - bass guitar
Dave Mattacks - drums

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