A Little Music or The Delights of Harmony

the albion country band
the battle of the field
Albion Sunrise
Morris Medley
I Was A Young Man
New St. George/La Rotta
Gallant Poacher
Cheshire Rounds/The Old Lancashire Hornpipe
Hanged I Shall Be
Reaphook and Sickle
Battle Of The Somme
A Little Music or The Delights of Harmony
Stroll On
Notes and Things
The Back Cover

a source book by Mr. Ashley Hutchings

A collection of folk songs, instrumental tunes and dances
selected and compiled by
Mr. Ashley Hutchings

Copyright 1976 Island Music Ltd
no ISBN, Order# IS 5176 E

This songbook contains songs and tunes from various groups and albums with whom Mr. Ashley Hutchings has been involved, namely,. Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span, Albion Country Band, Etchingham Steam Band and
Albion Dance Band:

  1. Sir Roger De Coverley
  2. Off She Goes
  3. Three Handed Reel
  4. College Hornpipe
  5. Gallant Poacher
  6. Hanged I Shall Be
  7. Come All You Little Streamers
  8. Horn Fair
  9. Three Jolly Black Sheepskins
  10. Old Sir Simon the King
  11. Hopping Down in Kent

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